Guide To The Best MTL And DTL Vape Kits In Australia

MTL And DTL Vape Kits

If you are seeking to upgrade your vaping kit or would like to buy your first vape pen starter kit, then look no further as here is some mind-blowing insight. The following article will provide extensive details on the best vape starter kit Australia in 2020.

There are essentially 2 different types of vape kits in existence with distinct mechanisms of use. These are namely:
– Mouth to Lung Vaping (MTL)
– Direct to Lung Vaping (DTL)

The Best MTL Vape Kit

We will first look at the best vape kits Australia for mouth to lung vapers. MTL vaping entails taking the vape in your mouth followed by inhaling it. It is sought of similar to cigarette smoking.

The Smoant Pasito

Despite the Smoant Pasito being advanced, it is relatively simple. It comprises of a pod kit with a disposable coil. Having a replaceable coil does not make it more complex than the one with an in-built coil. Here is the reason why.

Usage of Smoant Pasito and Replacement of the Coil.

Heavy users averagely use up 1 coil in 3 months. This applies to the 0.6-ohm coil. This is revolutionary in the vaping world especially when you compare it to other devices that need coil replacement after 1 month. When further compared to vape kits that require coil replacement after a week or two then this kit is obviously the best option as it saves you a lot of money.

Smoant Pasito Pod

It is easy to fill since you only have to twist off its mouthpiece. This leaves the kit intact as you fill it up to its 3ml capacity. This is ideal for vapers that prefer MTL vaping whether you smoke 10 or 30 a day. It has a sliding airflow adjuster that customizes air resistance on a whole other level. The coil base that is situated at the pod’s bottom is held in place by a magnet. This feature acts as an excellent seal.

Very Low Maintenance

It has an easy to fill design along with a perfect seal at the coil base which makes the E-cig virtually leakproof. The only maintenance thus needed it to keep it filled.

Adjustable Power, Not Wattage

Despite the device being sustained by a voltage, users coming off a box mod do not have to worry about the number to run it on. With the click of a button, another light will come on which translates to more vapour being produced. We can adjust its power by up to 5 times higher or lower. This round-robin function is facilitated by the click of a button. This makes it friendly to use by both amateur and expert vapers. Depending on the coil option at your disposal, the 0.6 one can run from 1 to 5 lights while the 1.4 one can run from 1 to 2 lights for optimum coil life.

Type C Charging

This new type of charging charges up this vaper faster than another MTL vape kit in existence. Charging time lasts averagely between 20 to 30 minutes. The vaper has an inbuilt 1100mah battery that can sustain a 15 a day smoker for up to a day.

Durability and Portability

The vaper’s body is made from aluminium while its cartridge from food-grade plastic. This makes it light while still being able to withstand a fall. It is also small enough to fit in your lighter or coin pocket. The cartridge is usually replaceable with its spare ones coming with 2 coils. Damage to the cartridge, therefore, does not necessitate purchasing a whole other kit. Flavour chasers can also choose to run separate flavour in the different cartridges.

In summary, the Smoant Pasito can be regarded as the best vape kit Australia as it is; a small, light, charges quickly, easy to use, requires little to no maintenance and has a considerably long coil life.

The best DTL (Direct to Lung) Vape Kit in Australia

In 2020 this is the best DTL (Direct to Lung) Vape Kit in Australia. Vapers that enjoy blowing large clouds of smoke should opt for the DTL vape kit. You would expect that the best DTL kit to be top of the range and obviously costly. Surprisingly, what I am about to recommend is easy to use and the cheapest option. Cheap is a relative term, as this vaping kit doesn’t incorporate all the unnecessary bells and whistles. It is so simple that with the press of a single button and huge puff you will puff a large cloud every time.

This is not necessarily a single device but more of a series which makes it even more interesting. It comes in both a small and big version.

Vaporesso Sky Solo and Sky Solo Plus.

Despite being 2 separate devices, they both have the same user experience and coil. They only differ in terms of tank and battery capacity.

What are the Perks of the Sky Solo Series?

– Easy to Set Up and Fill

Right from unboxing, you get to see a battery, 2 coils and a glass bulb with an attached mouthpiece. After putting liquid into the coil, attach the coil to the battery then screw the glass onto the coil. You can then proceed to fill it up by only unscrewing the mouthpiece. There is no other complicated step after this and you can now enjoy vaping away.

– Its Amazing Coil

It has the GT Meshed Coils which are one of the best for a DTL vape kit. They can last all day cloud chases for up to a month or up to 100 ml of vape liquid. They are easy to prime and pull. Additionally, the mesh provides great flavour as it allows a wider surface area of cotton to undergo heating at a single time.

– Its Awesome Battery Life

Both devices offer excellent battery life despite differing sizes and prices. The Vaporesso Sky Solo has a 1400mah battery capacity which is more than enough for this tiny contraption. This vape starter kit is ideal for the occasional or casual vapers. The Sky Solo Plus has an enormous 3000mah battery capacity. This one is ideal for all-day vapers.

– Its Impressive Tank

The Sky Solo has a modest 3.5 ml tank while the Plus has an astounding 8ml capacity. They are both impressive by normal standards. Filling them is a non-issue as they have an easy to fill design.

In summary, the Vaporesso Sky Solo Series is regarded as the best DTL kit in Australia this year. Its prime features are namely affordability, all-day battery, excellent tank capacity, and impressive large clouds. It also comes in an array of colour, so you are likely to find one that pleases you.